Goldwashing, 2016, Fine Art-Print/Photopaper/Aluminium, 100x150

Goldwashing, 2016, Fine Art-Print/Photopaper/Aluminium, 100x150

In this work I combine plein-air painting and photography. I call the result "realmontage".

In the middle of the city of Zurich I do outdoor painting. By painting on site and photographing the canvas as part of their environment, I create unexpected image constellations. In the final photography, the canvas hides something and at the same time shows something new.

My concern is the merging of seemingly opposing worlds, the visualization of the causal relationships of our western working world and those of third world countries.

Painting in public and in the same place for days, I demonstrate to the audience to look closely to see behind the facades.

By presenting myself as a businessman in an impeccable suit I reinforce the performative act of plein-air painting. My appearance should have a polarizing effect on my actions and the motif of the painting.



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