monument travel

Monument travel, 2014, Fine Art-Print/Photopaper/Aluminium, je 100x150

This series is about the bronze sculpture Helvetia on a journey* which I bring in relation to a new environment. The allegorical figure takes my view of Zurich before returning to Basel. So Helvetia visits places that astonish me, make me think or even sad.

I'm also interested in juxtaposing opposites: healing world advertising versus concrete construction boom. How does a city want to present itself and what does it better hide?

With the plein-air painting, I demonstrate that one can take time for a subject. I set the painting and its day-long development process against superficial snapshot-views.

The purely photographic montage shows my interest in surreal moments, especially René Magritte's picture-in-picture compositions. What does the canvas cover? What new stories and combinations come up?

* by Bettina Eichin, 1979/80, Basel, at the bridgehead of „Mittlere Rheinbrücke“